Home of the Rocking Double H Brand
of Registered Texas Longhorns


Hello! We’re James and Lynette Haltom.  We live in London, Kentucky and encourage anyone passing by to visit. Give us a call at (606) 877-8698 and you’ll get a free jar of Haltom Hollar Jam in addition to seeing some beautiful Texas Longhorns.

We purchased our first longhorns in 2012, but like most breeders we sold that herd and started over. We got serious in 2013 and purchased Bubba Tuff Chex from Bob & Pam Loomis.  They delivered him to the Southeastern Winchester Futurity and at 12 months old he won Grand Champion Bull. His sire Cowboy Tuff Chex is over 101" tip-to-tip and is the Guinness World Record holder as the longest horned bull in history.  His grand dam BL Rio Catchet is over 97" tip-to-tip and is a Guinness World Record holder as well.  

To add to our genetic line-up we are using CV Casanovas Magnum who is over 91" tip-to-tip and was the 2nd 90" tip-to-tip bull on record. Concealed Weapon is over 84" tip-to-tip and his dam Horseshoe J Example was the first 90" tip-to-tip cow on record.  Startex's dam is the elite Texana Garland's Gal who is over 94" tip-to-tip and has brought $90,000 in the sale ring more than once. 

Our herd is DNA tested with Parental Verification on file.  We're breeding for lateral twist, size, color and an overall beautiful longhorn.  To make that happen our pedigrees are full of elite animals with those traits.  Our embryo program is in full swing so we'll have top-shelf heifers for sale.  By offering animals of this quality we can help breeders be successful with their longhorn business.    


James is a 26 year retired veteran of U.S. Navy. He served in Viet Nam and was stationed around the world.  His last stint in the military was as a Navy Recruiter.  He set a goal to become Recruiter Of The Year, which he did, and his record was unbroken for as long as we know.  After the Navy James went back to school to became a hospice nurse.  I met James in California when he was treating my husband who died from cancer.  Our friendship blossomed into the wonderful marriage we have today.  My story is completely different.  I worked in the music and entertainment industry for many years in Los Angeles.  I got to live the "rock and roll" life during the late 70's and 80's when it was fun.  I lived in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach, drove a VW convertible and enjoyed life.  Later I became more serious and ended my career working for the City of Hemet.  So it's true opposites attract - James is the "little bit country" and I'm the "little bit rock and roll".  

James said we had to get out of California because he missed "green".  I didn't know what that meant.  So we got on a plane, landed in Knoxville, TN and eventually found a 45 acre secluded hollar in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. In 2008 we packed the truck looking just like the Beverly Hillbillies and moved into an old trailer on the property and started to build our "Hillbilly Heaven".  At that time we had no intentions of raising cattle (our property is mostly woods and hills).  For a few years James tried to convince me we should get a cow or two so we could raise our own meat.  I had never been around a cow before, but I finally agreed as long as there were no bulls and no horns!  Beef cattle can be aggressive so we waited until by chance someone told us about the docile nature of Texas Longhorns.  We purchased a few good blooded longhorns and in no time they were pets.  I fell in love with them. Our neighbors joined in the endeavor by letting us use their pastures so we could expand.  That's how this all started. 

In 2013 we were invited to a futurity and our little bulls placed in the middle of the pack. I wanted to win one of those rifles so in 2014 we entered Bubba Tuff Chex and Mighty Drag Iron Lady at the Southeastern Winchester Futurity. They both took first place and Bubba Tuff Chex won Grand Champion Bull (so I got my rifles). Since that first futurity our lives have completely changed. Now we spend our time focused on pedigrees and attempting to breed the best Texas Longhorns we can.          

We are retired so we have to time to talk about longhorns and help answer questions for new breeders.  Our number is 606-877-8698 and you can call anytime.  The personal relationships we develop over the phone and in person are priceless.  

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy what you see.

James and Lynette Haltom