Home of the Rocking Double H Brand
of Registered Texas Longhorns


Hello! We’re James and Lynette Haltom.  We live in London, Kentucky and encourage anyone passing by to visit. Give us a call at (606) 877-8698 and you’ll get a free jar of Haltom Hollar Jam in addition to seeing some beautiful Texas Longhorns.

We purchased our first longhorns in 2012, but like most breeders we sold that herd and started over. We got serious in 2013 and purchased Bubba Tuff Chex who is the sire of our first bred and owned Texas Longhorns.  His sire is Cowboy Tuff Chex who is 100 -1/4 inches tip-to-tip and is in the Guinness World Records as the longest horned bull in history. 

To top off his genetics we are adding CV Casanovas Magnum, Startex and Saddlehorn to the mix. We’re breeding the total package animal for size, temperament, conformation, twist and flashy colors. By keeping our herd small we can invest in breeding the best genetics available for the type of longhorns we like.  We will have some of these calves available in the future.


James is a retired hospice nurse and I retired from the City of Hemet (in California).  In 2008 we moved to Kentucky and started to build our "Hillbilly Heaven".  We found a 45 acre secluded hollar in the Daniel Boone National Forest with no intentions of raising cattle (our property is mostly woods and hills).  For a few years James tried to convince me we should get a couple of cows so we could raise our own meat.  I had never been around a cow before, but I finally agreed as long as there were no bulls and no horns!  We knew beef cattle could be aggressive so we waited until by chance someone told us about the docile nature of Texas Longhorns.  We purchased a few good blooded longhorns and in no time they were pets.  I fell in love with them. Our neighbors joined in the endeavor by letting us use their pastures so we could expand.  That's how this all started. 

In 2013 we were invited to a futurity and our little bulls placed in the middle of the pack. I wanted to win one of those rifles so in 2014 we entered Bubba Tuff Chex and Mighty Drag Iron Lady at the Southeastern Winchester Futurity.  They both took first place and Bubba Tuff Chex won Grand Champion Bull (so I got my rifles).  Since that first futurity our lives have become exciting.  Breeding Texas Longhorns is fun and we've met so many wonderful people.        

Our "non-longhorn" friends don't understand this excitement about cattle.  We love to learn and talk about them so if you ever have a free moment give us a call at 606-877-8698.  The personal relationships we develop over the phone and in person are priceless.  

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy what you see.

James and Lynette Haltom